SID #5 has contracted with Gretna Sanitation to provide district-wide trash services. Under this contract, residents can have up to three 96 gallon containers, with a flexible mix of landfill, recycling, and yard waste containers, all at the contracted rate. By default, all residents will receive 1 landfill container.

For instance, those keen on recycling can select two recycling containers and one landfill container. Conversely, residents with minimal trash output and no recycling preference may simply opt for a single landfill container. For more information please go to the Gretna Sanitation’s Buccaneer Bay service page . The letter mailed to residents can be viewed here.

Residents can chose to NOT use the SID Trash Service and continue with their current provider however they will still be responsible for the monthly charge.

Billing and Rates

Residents will have an additional line item on their monthly water bill for trash service. The contracted rates for July 2024 through June 2027 is $22.95 per month. The price for July 2027 through June 2029 is $23.95 per month. Please send an email to or call a member of the Utilities Committee with any billing questions. Do NOT contact PeopleService or Gretna Sanitation with billing questions regarding the SID Trash Service.

Service Issues

Please contact Gretna Sanitation with any service issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the contracted rate subject to additional fuel surcharges?

No, the contracted rates include any fuel surcharges. The rates are locked in per the contract.

How often will recycling be picked up?

Recycling will be picked up every other week.

I have difficulty putting the large containers on the curb because they are so heavy, does Gretna Sanitation provide assistance if needed?

Yes, when registering for trash service with Gretna you can let them know you need assistance and they will coordinate with you to ensure you get the help you need.

How often will the yard waste bin be picked up?

Yard waste will be picked up weekly April 1 through November 30.

What happens to the yard waste?

IF there is enough participation in the yard waste program the yard waste will be composted at Gretna Sanitation’s Cass County composting facility. If there is not enough participation the yard waste will go to landfill.

If the 3 cart option is selected by the Board do I have to have all 3 carts? I may not need or have enough room for all of the carts.

No, Prior to the start of Gretna Sanitation commencing pickup; residents will be given an opportunity to identify which services they would like.

Can yard waste bins be used for trash during the winter months?

Yes, the yard waste bin may be used for regular trash December through March.

Will I be able to opt out of using Gretna Sanitation and keep using my current provider?

You can elect to not use Gretna Sanitation for your trash service but you will still be billed for the service. The proposed contract is based on 12 months of billing for all residents in the SID.

It is not unusual for me to spend several months of the year in another state or residence and will not need trash service at my Buccaneer Bay residence for those months; can I temporarily pause service and not be billed?

No, you will still have to pay the monthly trash fee. The proposed contract is based on 12 months of billing for all residents in the SID.

How big will the trash, yard waste and recycle bins be?

The bins will be 96 gallons.

Will the Hefty Energy Bag, aka Orange Bag recycle program still be available?

Yes. The Hefty Energy Bag aka Orange Bag recycle program will still be available. All soft flexible plastics, juice pouches, snack bags, chip bags, straws, plastic stirrers, plastic cutlery, candy wrappers, cake mix box liners, cereal box liners and foam “to go” containers can be placed in the Hefty Energy Bag and placed in your recycle bin. Standard plastics, paper, cardboard and aluminum will be placed directly in the bin.

Do the contents of the recycle bin ever get dumped in the landfill vs actually being recycled?

Per Gretna Sanitation, they dump recycling in the landfill in extreme cases. For example, during the winter of 2024 there was a major snow event which precluded trucks from operating for over half the week. To services back on schedule some recycling did go to the landfill.

Will paper leaf bags be picked up?

Yes, IF you have have a yard waste bin. Up to 5 paper leaf bags can be placed next to your yard waste bin and they will be picked up. If you do not have a yard waste bin the paper leaf bags will NOT be picked up.