SID #5 contracts with PeopleService to manage Water and Wastewater services. Please contact PeopleService for all billing and all water and wastewater issues.

Contacting PeopleService


• 24/7 Emergency Number: (888) 861-1921
• Billing Questions, Start-Stop Service (M-F, 7:00AM to 4:00PM): (402) 932-8143 Option 2
• Pay Your Utility Bill:

Water Rates

The water rates in Buccaneer Bay are determined by the SID Board and undergo periodic evaluations to ensure they cover the operational costs of the water and wastewater system. You can find the current rates listed here.. These rates, paid by residents, encompass expenses such as the PeopleService contract, scheduled maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, and infrastructure improvements.

Over the past few years, the District has seen an uptick in water and wastewater rates due to significantly heightened costs across all operational aspects. Notably, there has been a notable increase in unscheduled maintenance expenses. Historically, financial challenges led to the postponement of certain maintenance tasks in an attempt to cut costs, resulting in a backlog of issues that are now being addressed at a higher expense. The Board anticipates that as these long-neglected issues are resolved and with the implementation of a structured maintenance plan, unscheduled maintenance costs will become more manageable.

If you have any inquiries regarding the water rates, please feel free to reach out to a member of the Board. Contact information for the Board members can be found here.

Troubleshooting Higher than Usual Water Bills

Have you considered the possibility of a leak? A spike in your water bill could often be attributed to a leak somewhere within your residence. Begin by inspecting for running toilets and dripping faucets. A quick method to ascertain if there’s a leak is to follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all water.
  2. Take a photo of your water meter reading.
  3. After several hours, recheck your meter and assess any usage.

Another potential culprit for elevated water bills is an improperly programmed sprinkler controller. Sprinklers are notorious for their water usage, and misconfigured controllers can significantly inflate your water expenses. Some common issues we’ve encountered include:

  • Overwatering due to new sod: When moving into a new house with recently installed sod, the sprinkler system may be set to water excessively to aid the sod’s root establishment. However, residents often forget to adjust the watering schedule once the sod is established.
  • Extra watering cycles: Residents may unintentionally program extra watering cycles, such as watering on weekdays while they are away at work, leading to unnecessary water consumption.

Consider upgrading to a smart sprinkler controller if you haven’t already. These controllers connect to local weather sources and automatically adjust watering times based on factors like temperature, wind, and rainfall. They can be conveniently controlled via smartphone or web interface and often lead to significant water savings. Explore options for “smart sprinkler controllers” to find suitable models. In many cases, the savings they provide can offset the initial investment in less than one season.

    If you are still having issues you can call PeopleService and request assistance tracking down the issue.

    Water Meters and Transmitters

    Per the Water System and Sanitary System Rules and Regulations, residents are required to have a functioning water meter and transmitter/MXU installed to facilitate the reading of water usage. The meters and/or transmitters can fail and will need to be replaced at the homeowners expense. The meter and transmitter must be purchased from the District and installed by a license plumber. The meter and transmitter are sold to the resident at cost.