SID Board Members

Board MemberPhoneEmail AddressCommittee - PrimaryCommittee - Alternate
Kurt Meisinger (Chairman)402-297-4365kurt.meisinger@buccaneerbay-ne.orgFinance, Budget and Audit-
Jim Grotrian402-679-9158jim.grotrian@buccaneerbay-ne.orgGrounds & RecreationFinance, Budget and Audit
David Martin (Clerk)402-578-7147david.martin@buccaneerbay-ne.orgWater and Wastewater Management -
Bob Karr402-672-7300bob.karr@buccaneerbay-ne.orgRoads and Storm Water ManagementWater and Wastewater Management
Jennifer & Recreation
Roads and Storm Water Management

Communication with the Board

SID #5 has divided the management of the SID across 5 committees in addition to the responsibilities of the SID Chairman and Clerk.  Each board member is equally empowered. If you have a problem, you can call any of the board members. Even though the board members head up certain committees, this does not mean that they are restricted to problems in that area.

Please feel free to contact any board member with your problem using the contact information from above but please give board members at least 24 hours to respond.  Most of the board members have full time jobs and are subject to business trips, meetings, etc.

If your concern or problem is of an emergency nature you may try to contact one of the other board members.

You can also contact a board member via regular mail via the SID #5 address at:
SID #5 Board of Trustees
19457 Treasure Island Rd.
Plattsmouth, NE 68048

Board Meetings

If you have an issue that you want to have put on the agenda for the next SID meeting; contact a board member at least 1 week prior to the next meeting.  The meeting schedule can be found here.

If needed, you will be asked to attend the next meeting to discuss your agenda item.

Members and Committees


The Chair is responsible to the state and county for fiscal, legal and environmental compliance. They are required to sign all official documents and conduct the scheduled meetings following the prepared and published agenda. The email address for the Chairman is


The Clerk keeps the official minutes of the meetings, issues warrants/checks, and prepares any official records required by the County and State government agencies. The email address for the Clerk is

Finance, Budget and Audit Committee

The Finance, Budget and Audit Committee is responsible for preparing monthly and annual financial statements, preparing an annual budget, and arranging for the independent audit of all SID financial records.  As needed this committee will ensure all documentation is place for the issuance of any bonds approved by the Board. The email address for the committee is

Grounds and Recreation Committee

The Grounds and Recreation Committee is responsible for managing all contracts for the mowing of SID property, the maintenance of SID owned property, and the management of any park land.  The maintenance of SID property is minimal but usually consists of trimming trees and removing downed trees that have encroached on resident’s property. The District owns several acres of land that has been designated as park land; this committee will pursue various grants and work with other government entities to facilitate the development of this land. The email address for the committee is

Roads and Storm Water Management Committee

The Roads and Storm Water Management Committee manages all the snow removal contracts for the district.  In addition, the committee works with the SID engineer to issue and manage contracts for the repair of SID streets and storm sewers. The email address for the committee is

Water and Wastewater Management Committee

The Water and Wastewater Management Committee is responsible for managing the water wells and wastewater facility owned by the District. See Water and Wastewater System for additional information. The committee interacts directly with the District’s operator to ensure smooth operation of the systems. The email address for the committee is