Questions that are frequently asked by the residents of Buccaneer Bay plus a few nice to know things.

Are we residents of the City of Plattsmouth?

Residents of Buccaneer Bay are not residents of Plattsmouth; we are residents of Cass County. Therefore residents of Buc Bay do not receive free access to City of Plattsmouth services such as the library and cleanup days.

However this also means we do not have to pay the City of Plattsmouth sales tax. As of March 2023 the sales tax rate for Buc Bay residents is 5.5%. Residents are advised to check bills and statements to ensure they are not being charged the city sales tax. Some businesses see the Plattsmouth mailing address and automatically apply the City of Plattsmouth sales tax.

What are the rules for fireworks in Buccaneer Bay?

State regulations only cover the sale of fireworks; not the use of fireworks therefore Buccaneer Bay follows the Cass County fireworks ordinances. Per the County Clerk, Cass County has no ordinances restricting when fireworks can discharged.

What is comes down to is our residents need to apply common sense when using fireworks. For example, setting fireworks off at midnight on New Years Eve would be considered normal. However setting off fireworks at midnight on a Wednesday night in the middle of October would not be normal.

Per the Cass County Sherriff’s Office, if residents are having issues with fireworks being used outside of the hours most people would consider “normal” they can call the non-emergency number for Cass County Sheriff’s Office (402-296-9370) and report the issue. They will respond if there are resources available.

How is my monthly water and wastewater bill determined?

The monthly bills are calculated in a couple of ways and follows the Water and Wastewater Fee Ordinance published here.

There is a base usage fee that all residents must pay every month no matter how much water is used and is outlined in the Water and Wastewater Fee Ordinate. The base fee consists of the following:

  • Base water fee – includes 5000 gallons of water
  • Wastewater Treatment Plan Expansion Bond.
  • Base sewer fee
  • All sales taxes

In addition to the base fees residents must pay for the any water they use above the 5000 gallons that is included in the base fee and is based on a graduated scale. The current rates can be found in the Water and Wastewater Fee Ordinance.

Periodically the SID Board reevaluates the fees being charged to ensure the operating and maintenance costs of the system are being covered by the collected fees. As with everything else since the end of the pandemic our costs have risen significantly and as a result the rates were increased.

Who do I call to establish water service or ask questions about my bill?

SID #5 contracts with PeopleService to manage our water and wastewater system. Please contact PeopleService with all billing and water/wastewater issues. More information can be found here.

Information on water rates can be found here.

What portions of the water and wastewater system are the residents responsible for?

Residents are responsible for the water and wastewater service line from the mains to their residence. This includes the connection to the mains. In addition, residents are responsible for maintaining a functioning meter and transmitter to support remote reading of water usage. See Section II, Paragraphs 5f and 5i and Section XIII of the Water System and Sanitary Sewer System Rules and Regulations for details.

The cost of replacing the service lines can be quite high and some residents have purchased service plans to offset this cost. The SID does not sell or endorse any of these plans. Residents are encouraged to read the fine print before purchasing one of these plans. Some of the plans state service lines are covered from the property line to the residence. Around half of the residents in Buc Bay will have service lines that extend beyond their property line.

More information on the water and wastewater system can be found here.

What do I do if I find a water or wastewater leak in the SID?

Immediately call the system operator for the SID. Contact information can be found here.

If you do not receive a response from the contractor within 30 minutes please call a SID board member on the Water and Wastewater Management Committee. Contact information can be found here.

See Section XIII of the Water System and Sanitary Sewer System Rules and Regulations for detailed procedures for water leaks.

Who provides utilities in Buccaneer Bay?

Utility providers are covered here.

Which departments provide police protection, fire protection and emergency medical services in Buccaneer Bay?

Residents should call 911 for all emergencies.

Police protection services are provided by the Cass County Sheriffs Department.

Fire protection services are provided by the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department.

Emergency medical services are provided by the Plattsmouth Department of Emergency Medical Services.

Who is responsible for enforcing covenants within the SID?

Please see Architectural Control Committee and Covenants

Can all residents use the lakes located within the SID?

No, the lakes are private and only residents that live on those lakes have access.

What is the best way to find out if there are issues with the SID infrastructure such as a water main break or road closure?

The SID provides alerts and notifications via text message. Please click here to find out how to sign up.

In addition, please see the Maintenance Notice page.

Who is responsible for snow removal and whom do I contact to report issues with snow removal?

Please see our Snow Removal page.

When am I permitted to water my lawn and landscaping? Why are there restrictions?

Please see our Lawn and Landscaping Watering Policy page.