When contacting PeopleService, please state you live in Buccaneer Bay!!!

For 24/7 assistance with water emergencies, call PeopleService at 888-861-1921.
For billing questions and to establish new service, call 402-932-8143.

Annual Water Quality Report

Cass County Sanitary Improvement District Number 5 owns and operates a public water system and wastewater system to serve the residents within the subdivision boundaries. The systems have been approved by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.  As required by state law, the systems are operated and maintained by a state licensed and certified operator, PeopleService.

Water System
The SID #5 water system has been approved by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and is periodically inspected and tested every month to ensure that it provides safe drinking water to the residents of SID 5 and to ensure compliance with the latest health and safety standards.

The water provided by SID #5 should be thought of as “well water”.  SID #5 does not chlorinate or fluoridate the water.  Water obtained from the groundwater aquifer is safe and meets all EPA and State Standards. Moderate levels of iron and manganese exist in the groundwater, which are common and typical of most Nebraska waters.

Recommended “Whole House” Water Treatment
The water in Buccaneer Bay is generally considered to be “hard” and contains levels of iron and manganese that can cause the staining of laundry and mineral build up in plumbing fixtures.  It is recommended that residents install whole home water filters and water softeners to help with the hard water.

Wastewater System
SID #5 owns and operates the wastewater treatment system. The system is responsible for treating all wastewater generated by residents. The Wastewater Plant is located on the eastern edge of the district next to Fourmile Creek.  The water treated by the system is discharged into Fourmile Creek.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Lift stations are located in various locations throughout the District. A lift station is responsible for “lifting” sewage from a lower to higher elevation so it will flow to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Bad, messy things can happen if a lift station is not working properly. Sewage could possibly backup into a house, especially if the backflow preventer on the residents line is non-existent or inoperative. As of 2023 all lift stations are monitored electronically for proper operation and issues alerts to the Districts operator in the event of a failure. However, each lift station has a warning light that will flash if a failure is detected. Residents are asked to call People Service at (888)-861-1921 to report the issue.

Lift Station Locations

  • End of Ridgeway Rd
  • End of Sterling Ct
  • Intersection of Becker and Ewel Ct
  • End of Rainey Cir
  • Treasure Island Rd next to rail road tracks
Sterling Court Lift Station