SID stands for Sanitary Improvement District. Nebraska state law permits a developer to form a SID to sell bonds to finance the development and maintenance of a residential subdivision. This enables the utilities and streets to be laid out and finished. The SID levies special assessments and taxes to the lot owners to pay for the work. The expenses of a SID may include operating and maintenance expenses, salaries, cost of materials, supplies for operation and maintenance, cost of ordinary repairs, replacements and alterations, cost of surety bonds and insurance, cost of audits, elections, and other fees.

Board of Trustees
A board of trustees administers the SID’s business. Initially the developer fills the five trustee positions on the board. State law requires that the positions be filled with lot owners after a point in time. SID #5 now has five lot owner trustees, all of which are residents. Nebraska law allows for trustees to be paid for their services however all members of the SID #5 board are volunteers.  The current Board of Trustees can be found here.

The SID board of trustees is elected every two years (even years) by an election that is conducted through the mail. Any property owner is eligible to run for office. There are two ballots, one that residents vote on and one that all property owners vote on. A resident can run on either ballot, but a person who owns property, but does not live at Buccaneer Bay, can only run on the all property owners ballot. The ballots will be sent to property owner’s home address with a date indicated when they must be returned to be counted.

Monthly Meetings/Board Meetings
The SID board meets once a month, or as needed, to handle business. The meetings are subject to Nebraska Open Meetings Act and all minutes are published per the act.  An archive of meeting minutes is available here.

Residents are encouraged to attend meetings and are permitted to speak. Please reach out to a board member and request to be added to the agenda at least 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting.  The date of next meeting can be found here.

The SID 5 Board of Trustees has been entrusted to conduct the business of the SID in a financially responsible manner.  By law, the board of trustees is very restricted on what it can and cannot do. 

Can Do

  • Maintain water and wastewater systems
  • Maintain roads
  • Maintain fire hydrants
  • Maintain street signs
  • Street cleaning
  • Provide snow removal services
  • Mow/maintain SID owned property

Cannot Do

  • Enforce covenants
  • Issue traffic citations
  • Allocate funds for other than SID business
  • Maintain the lakes/waterways
  • Maintain levees (unless SID infrastructure is at risk)