SID 5 solicited proposals for a single trash hauler for the District. The SID reached out to several different vendors however Gretna Sanitation was the only provider that submitted a proposal.

The SID 5 Board has voted to enter into contract negotiations with Gretna Sanitation for them to be the sole provider of trash service in the District for 5 years with the 3 bin option listed below.   

The Board solicited residence feedback and only a small number of residents responded, 22 residents for and 6 against entering into a contract with Gretna Sanitation.  

THE BOARD WANTS YOUR FEEDBACK ON THIS PROPOSED CONTRACT!  Please send an email to and include the following information no later than 12 January 2024.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Your position on the proposed contract:  YES – Approve OR NO – Disapprove
  • Any additional feedback you would like to provide.

Proposal Information

The Board received a proposal for a 5 year contract with the options outlined below. All prices are plus any sales tax (if any).

Note: The Board would select one of the options below and all residents would be billed the same amount regardless of how many bins they choose.

OptionBinsContract Years 1 – 3
(Price per Month/Quarter)
Contract Years 4 – 5
(Price per Month/Quarter)
11 Trash Bin
1 Recycle Bin
21 Trash Bin
1 Trash or Yard Waste Bin
1 Recycle Bin


How will I be billed for the trash service?

The monthly fee would be added to water bill as a separate line item. Residents would not pay Gretna Sanitation, they would pay SID 5 and SID 5 would pay Gretna Sanitation.

Is the proposed fee subject to a fuel surcharge?

Possibly, this needs to be negotiated with Gretna Sanitation. Gretna Sanitation uses compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks and CNG prices do not usually fluctuate like diesel. However at times Gretna has seen significant fluctuations in CNG prices.

How often will the recycle bin be picked up?

Recycling will be picked up every other week.

How often will the yard waste bin be picked up?

Yard waste will be picked up weekly April 1 through November 30.

What happens to the yard waste?

IF there is enough participation in the yard waste program the yard waste will be composted at Gretna Sanitation’s Cass County composting facility. If there is not enough participation the yard waste will go to landfill.

If the 3 cart option is selected by the Board do I have to have all 3 carts? I may not need or have enough room for all of the carts.

No, Prior to the start of Gretna Sanitation commencing pickup; residents will be given an opportunity to identify which services they would like.

Can yard waste bins be used for trash during the winter months?

Yes, the yard waste bin may be used for regular trash December through March.

Will I be able to opt out of using Gretna Sanitation and keep using my current provider?

You can elect to not use Gretna Sanitation for your trash service but you will still be billed for the service. The proposed contract is based on 12 months of billing for all residents in the SID.

It is not unusual for me to spend several months of the year in another state or residence and will not need trash service at my Buccaneer Bay residence for those months; can I temporarily pause service and not be billed?

No, you will still have to pay the monthly trash fee. The proposed contract is based on 12 months of billing for all residents in the SID.

If the SID enters into the contract with Gretna Sanitation when will it go into effect and how will this impact residents that have to make quarterly payments to their current provider?

If the SID enters into the contract with Gretna Sanitation the start date will have to be negotiated. We would work with Gretna Sanitation to make the transition as smooth as possible for our residents. Gretna Sanitation has significant experience in transitioning SIDs in Douglas County and Sarpy County to a single trash provider.

Does Gretna Sanitation have the experience and capacity to service Buccaneer Bay?

Gretna Sanitation has been providing trash service to SIDs in Sarpy County and Douglas County for several years. Our interactions with Gretna Sanitation indicate they are more than capable of providing quality service to the residents of Buccaneer Bay.

How big will the trash, yard waste and recycle bins be?

The bins will be 96 gallons.

Will the Hefty Energy Bag, aka Orange Bag recycle program still be available?

Yes. The Hefty Energy Bag aka Orange Bag recycle program will still be available. All soft flexible plastics, juice pouches, snack bags, chip bags, straws, plastic stirrers, plastic cutlery, candy wrappers, cake mix box liners, cereal box liners and foam “to go” containers can be placed in the Hefty Energy Bag and placed in your recycle bin. Standard plastics, paper, cardboard and aluminum will be placed directly in the bin.

Do the contents of the recycle bin ever get dumped in the landfill vs actually being recyled?

No, the contents of the recycle bin will always be transported to the First Star recycling center.

Will paper leaf bags be picked up?

Yes, IF you have have a yard waste bin. Up to 5 paper leaf bags can be placed next to your yard waste bin and they will be picked up. If you do not have a yard waste bin the paper leaf bags will NOT be picked up.

The 3 bin option says you can have 1 trash, 1 trash or 1 yard waste and 1 recycle bin; can you have 1 trash and 2 recycle bins?

Unknown at this time, we will ask Gretna Sanitation during contract negotiations.