Utilities for the residents of Buccaneer Bay are provided by a combination of private companies and the SID 5 Water System.


Contact Information


Omaha Public Power District

Natural Gas

Black Hills Energy

Water/Sewer - PeopleService

SID 5 Water System - Call PeopleService, Inc at 402-932-8143 or 888-527-9853 to establish/shut service or for general customer service. The PeopleService, Inc 24 hour emergency response number is 888-861-1921.  Information on the water and sewer fees can be found in the SID 5 Water and Sanitary Sewer Rules, Regulations, Fees and Rates Ordinance.

SID 5 Backflow Preventers and Their Uses

SID 5 2015 Annual Water Quality Report 


There are numerous garbage services available.  Residents are strongly encouraged to contact the various providers to determine the service that best meets their needs. Some of the providers for our area are:

Some of these providers offer a discount down to $12.18 per month.

Landline Telephone



There are a few different options for internet service and those options are continually changing.  The list below is a few of the providers that service Buccaneer Bay.Residents are urged to research the best solution for them.   

Cass County Recycling

The Cass County Recycling Center provides a location for Cass County residents to drop off yard waste, metal, large applicances and used motor oil for free or a nominal charge. Please visit their web site for their location, fees and hours.

Cass County Recycle Center