SID Board Members

Board Member


E-mail Address

Committee - Primary

Committee - Alternate

Kurt Meisinger (Chairman)

402-298-7343 Finance, Budget and Audit Water  and Wastewater

Jim Grotrian 

402-298-7289 Grounds Street and Storm Water Management

 Dan Brandt


Development and Planning of Public Amenities Grounds

David Martin


Water  and Wastewater

Finance, Budget and Audit

Robert Karr


Street and Storm Water Management

Development and Planning of Public Amenities


Members of the board are volunteers that have been elected to the position or in the case of an unexpected vacancy, appointed to the board by the other elected members.  
Each board member is equally empowered. If you have a problem you can call any of the board members. Even though the board members head up certain committees, this does not mean that they are restricted to problems in that area. 



The Chair is responsible to the state and county for fiscal, legal and environmental compliance. He is required to sign all official documents and conducts the scheduled meetings following the prepared and published agenda.


The Clerk keeps the official minutes of the meetings, issues warrants to pay bills, and prepares any official records required by the County and State government agencies.

Communication with the Board

Please feel free to contact any board member with your problem but please give board members time to respond.  Most of the board members have full time jobs and are subject to business trips, meetings,etc.  

If you leave a phone message please give the board member that you left the message for time to return your call before contacting another board member. All of the board members work full time and will most likely not pick up phone calls until in the evening hours. Please give the board member you contacted at least 24 hours to get back to you. If your concern or problem is of an emergency nature you may try to contact one of the other board members.

You can also contact a board member at their e-mail address or send a letter to the S.I.D. No. 5 address at:

SID #5 Board of Trustees
19457 Treasure Island Rd.
Plattsmouth, NE 68048

Board Meetings

If you have an issue that you want to have put on the next SID meeting then you do need to send an email to a board member or send a letter to the SID address at least 1 week prior to the next meeting.  The meeting dates are always published in the Buccaneer Bay Newsletter. You will also need to attend the meeting to discuss the issue you have requested to be on the agenda. If the board feels that your request is an issue that has been resolved in the past they will first explain the past resolution to see if that satisfies your needs. If you still have concerns your issue can be placed on the agenda. This is to save meeting time by not covering items that have been addressed in the past.